Our Comprehensive Radiology Billing Services

Work with peace of mind

Ashure was created with the goal of removing the administrative burden from medical specialists and Radiologists, and assisting them to focus on their work with calm and peace of mind.

Cloud-based billing solution

Using the latest medical software, we help you receive the money you work so hard for without the headache, rest “Ashured” knowing that the financial aspects of your practice are being looked after in the best way.

medical billing solutions

We offer the following billing and administration services

Cloud-based booking & billing software

With our system being fully cloud based, you can easily access your information from anywhere anytime.

Medical Aid submissions & collections

We take care of all the submissions of claims to the medical schemes, as well as following up with schemes so you don’t need to worry about it.

MSV - Benefit check

This allows you to double check the patients details and medical benefits in real time, improving your collection rate and efficiency.

Staff training & support

We make sure that the transition to our system is easy and stress free, as well as providing assistance whenever you may need it.

Patient submissions & collections

We contact the patients and make sure all outstanding amounts are paid to the Doctor, streamlining and improving the collection rate.

Detailed monthly reports

This enables the Doctor to have the security of knowing the financial status and position of their practice, as well as our performance.